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Re: [LUG] NHS plans to migrate Drupal to incomplete Sharepoint


On 08/07/10 14:37, Adrian Midgley (Gmail) wrote:
> "Dear eSpace Members,
> We are writing to inform you that the current supply and maintenance
> contract for the existing eSpace platform ends this September. A
> decision has now been reached to migrate the service to SharePoint WSS
> 3.0 as this is an option we can achieve without external resources and
> it will allow us to continue supporting communities by offering a
> collaboration tool.
> There will inevitably be some loss of functionality in moving to
> Sharepoint. This is unavoidable due to the restrictions that have been
> placed on resources for the project. However, the transition to
> SharePoint should be considered to be a phased migration, and what
> functionality we cannot include at first we may be able to add in 2011
> on a priority basis.
> Whatâs next?
> The eSpace Team will be contacting you soon to inform you of the
> decision over which accounts we will be migrating. Anyone who has logged
> onto the site in the last year will be considered an active user and
> their account will be migrated.
> We hope to make the transition as smooth as possible for our users. If
> you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at
> nhscfh.espace@xxxxxxxx
Something else to discuss / write to our mp's about,


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