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[LUG] Redundancies for DCC..





Having a wife who works in CYPS, I've known about this and rumours for a while - that article suggest 37-60 posts in CYPS, but it could be more overall.. They have to save (or not spend) £3.1 million in CYPS before April, and £3.9 million overall - and no-doubt there'll be more cuts in the next financial year too.

A statutory 90-day consultation period has started which allows for more than 100 redundancies so if you know anyone in CYPS, or other parts of DCC, then I'm sure there will be concern.

So the challenge is to see if they could save more than £4m by switching to OSS and getting rid of the bloat and excesses they have by using proprietary software and legacy systems (such as telephony) However, even if we could come up with something tomorow, I fear it'd not be taken seriously and they'll go down this route anyway....

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