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Re: [LUG] OT: Looking for Seagate 'Seashell' hard drive packaging


On 04/07/10 15:39, Rob Beard wrote:
I'm going to return the drive but one of the conditions of returning it
is that I use Seagate 'Seashell' packaging (god knows why an anti-static
bag won't do!). I already have a hard drive packaging box with foam
inserts, but Seagate say that a Seashell is also required to put the
drive in before they'll accept it back.

I just wondered if anyone had an old one kicking around at all that they
could spare?

Grr. I had a box of useful computer bits that I keep wanting things from, but it seems my Dad threw it out :(. I'm sure I had one in there.

Anyway, if the drive didn't come with one then give them the finger. If it came with one and you threw it away, you should still be able to fight it. They can only require original packaging for returns. If it's a warranty replacement they have no right to do so. So long as it's suitably packed that's all the matters.

Seashells are pretty good though.

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