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Re: [LUG] Holsworthy meeting


On 06/07/10 14:47, Rob Beard wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Hope no one minds, I've e-mailed Network North Devon (the new internet
> radio station for North Devon) with details of the Holsworthy LUG
> meeting.  I mentioned it is open to everyone who might be interested in
> trying open source software or maybe a Linux distro.  I've also given
> them a link to the DCGLUG web site events page.
> I figured there are bound to be others in North Devon that might be
> interested in Linux and maybe this might help promote Linux and FLOSS in
> the area.  I also happen to know the guy who is running Network North
> Devon (Ian Starling, an ex-presenter from Lantern FM) so maybe I might
> be able to get more of a mention.
> Rob

It might have been worth running this past the Holsworthy event
coordinator (?) before going ahead, but if you have already done it I
guess its too late.


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