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Re: [LUG] Pinnacle DC10+ in Linux


Julian Hall wrote:
Hi All,

Those with long memories may remember I had all kinds of grief
previously with this card.  Basically Pinnacle have changed the chip
onboard from the old and *standard* BT8x series to a new chip called
Bendino.  They won't give out information to developers so anyone with
one of these horrible cards cannot use it in Linux (I know I've been
trying long enough).

It's annoying when manufactures do this. Sometimes without even
bothering to change the model number.

I had a thought this morning I would like to run by you guys and gals
for feasibility:

Ndiswrapper works as we know by taking the existing Windows driver and
converting the information it provides from the Wifi hardware into a
format that Linux can use.  Simply put (and I know it is anything *but*
a simple proposition!) *in theory* is there anything *technically* to
stop a developer using the Windows XP driver for the new Pinnacle cards
in an "ndiswrapper-like" environment?

NDIS has been around for a long time (IIRC it predates Windows), thus is
fairly standard. I doubt that Windows handing of frame capture devices
is anything like as standardised.

If reactOS supports the driver then there might be some possibility of
creating an interfacing layer.

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