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Re: [LUG] Exim4 set up / tutorial website or book required


On Tue, May 24, 2005 at 08:43:53AM +0100, Neil Williams wrote:
On Tuesday 24 May 2005 7:47 am, Henry Bremridge wrote:
Running debian sarge

Lots more information required - you haven't included any of the headers let 
alone a summary of your existing config. Which options did you choose in exim 
config? What have you set for /etc/email-addresses, hostname and other bits.

The more I use Debian:
a) The more I loathe the learning curve
b) The more I prefer it to Microsoft
c) The more I like having a system that I can see what is happening

OK. When I ran dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config the settings I chose were
as follows:
- Split into small files: No
- Mail sent by smarthost; received by via SMTP or fetchmail.
- System mail name: XXXXX.com (I am confused by this request, however
  XXXXX.com is both my SMTP, POP3 server and domain name)
- Enter a colon-seperated list of IP addresses to listen on:
  (I use fetchmail to listen)
- Enter a list of domains for which this machine is the final
  destination: blank
- Networks of local machines for which I relay the mail: blank
- Machine handling outgoing mail: mail.XXXXX.com
- Hide local mail name in outgoing mail: yes 
- Keep number of DNS queries minimal: No

I have set up passwd.client with my SMTP settings (my webhost does not
provide any password security. I will be changing soon and then will
need to update my mail settings to allow SSL and updating MUTT to use
PGP). After your email I have added an email address to
/etc/email-addresses which agrees with the password in

I am having some problems with sending email. Sometimes the email goes
through, sometimes it is rejected with the message "SMTP error from remote
mailer ..... after RCPT to ...... Relaying denied".

Probably actually trying to send from the wrong address - check the headers. 
You have to send email From: an address that is acceptable to your SMTP 
connection - generally this is an ISP / DNS issue, not exim. If you are 
trying to send from the local machine, you cannot send from the internal box 
name as it cannot be resolved by the ISP. You must use other config files 
outside exim to change an internal address to a valid external address. You 
may also need to determine whether an email needs to be changed - if you send 
email from one internal box to another. This is a job 
that /etc/email-addresses (installed by exim) tries to solve but it needs 
other parts of the system to be working as well.

On a brief look on google, i see many pages on email-addresses. Will
start looking at them this evening and hope that this resolves the
problem. Many thanks

All very irritating, and obviously my exim4 set up is wrong

Not necessarily exim itself, there are lots of other config files involved in 

Yes, I need to learn a *lot* more. 

Finally when I look at the headers of messages I have sent from my debian
box, the headers contain far too much information,

If you want to send email to the internet from the command line, then this 
information is going to be present - the hostname of the local box, it's IP, 
the various commands and their replies. Various email clients also add 
various headers for their own purposes / user config.

Precisely what information are you concerned about? There's nothing in email 
headers that is a risk to your system.

Thanks. I was looking through the emails received on this site and in
comparing the headers, mine were much bigger than the others, but in
re-reading your reply and comparing headers I think that this is in relation to a 
setting for my smtp server.


The problem is not necessarily in exim - only the headers will tell you where 
things are going wrong.

Thanks again


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