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Re: [LUG] TV Card recomendations


On Sat, 21 May 2005 13:48:48 +0100
Julian Hall wrote:

Robin Cornelius wrote:

On a side note the guy in PC world assured me "in his extensive computer 
experience that this card WOULD NOT work in linux", what is wrong with people 
who think they know a little bit, a simple "i don't know" would of been more 

Heh.. I'm reminded of when I went into PC World and told them I wanted a 
hardware internal PCI modem.  Salesman introduced their "Modem expert" 
(read:  he saw one once out of the box).  He proceeded to tell me that 
there is no such thing as a hardware PCI modem as "PCI means software 
and ISA is hardware"...  Yeah.. OK....  When I replied pointing out that 
PCI and ISA are simply two types of bus connecting the card to the 
motherboard and that technically what was *on* the card had sod all to 
do with the connector, his mate who introduced him to me wandered off.

Now I know that there are *more* PCI software modems than hardware, but 
trying to say that ISA *means* hardware and PCI *means* software is 
cobblers.  Typical PC World though.

Or the time I bought a scanner and the salesman tried to steer me to a 
Logitech sheetfed scanner instead of the Primax flatbed I wanted.  Silly 
man offered to demostrate how easy it was.  15 minutes later with no 
sheets fed through straight he admitted defeat.  Then tried to sell me 
editing software.  The reply of "I have Paintshop Pro and Photoshop at 
home" made him wince and give up.



My favourite is to ask about their range of flatbed scanners, get them to explain 
the benefits of a USB scanner over a Parallel scanner and then ask them with a 
dead-pan expression whether the particular USB model their advocating uses a 
proprietary communications method over the USB bus or if it uses SCSI emulation over 
the USB bus... and watch their faces drain.  O it is wicked and evil, but good fun.

Anyho... I have an SAA7134 based card (bought from Lidl quite a while ago).  Worked 
fine in Mandrake once I had edited the modules.conf file myself, but doesn't want to 
play nicely with Debian.  Radio-card facility seems to work without a hitch, though.

Artificial intelligence is no match for nuratal stidutipy.

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