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Re: [LUG] IMAP Mail Server


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Adrian Midgley wrote:

Dovecot looks interesting, and I'm using it, but it doesn't yet
officially do multiple user mailboxes.

But... I can't see anything that stops several people or machines having
an account that accesses the same mailbox and attending to that as they
become free.

Shared mailboxes work fine in older versions of Dovecot as you describe.

What Dovecot actually was lacking was proper support for IMAP
namespaces. I believe it is available in more recent versions of dovecot.

The "name spaces" make it easier to share folders because they are
presented in the IMAP session.

For example the UWIMAP server by default has a "#shared" namespace that
maps to "~imapshared" (usually /home/imapshared), and assuming you have
file permissions set as per the UWIMAP documentation, folder created in
#shared are accessible to all users.

The you only need to create one account (user), and that user sees the
"#shared" folders when they log in.

Dovecot has an emphasis on security and I think it makes sense for
situations where the IMAP server is Internet facing.

For internal Office users UWIMAP is fine, and "just works". I haven't
tried Cyrus.

Not sure how much fine control Philip needs over permissions. With
UWIMAP you basically inherit Linux file permission model, and anything
beyond "private" versus "shared" is likely to be a pain to manage.
Although I dare say if you master it the UWIMAP server can probably do a
lot of things I haven't tried.

My experience of UWIMAP and Dovecot is both are rock solid. UWIMAP has a
poor security reputation, I've no idea if that reputation is justified
by the current code base.

I like Dovecot, and like Postfix, the creator (Timo) still offers
support via the mailing list, and is responsive to ideas and comments. I
believe Timo and Kai know each other, Helsinki must be a small place.

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