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Re: [LUG] Debianised my desktop (at last)


On Saturday 14 May 2005 11:16 pm, Robin Cornelius wrote:
I've *finally* debianised my desktop :-)


If anything things seem faster, certainy kde loads in half the time?

Maybe Mandrake/Mandriva patched it too far? They are/were renowned for their 
level of patching.

I'm currenly on testing but i am considering experimental. what do you lot


I have survived on mandrake cooker for the past year and that is an 
experimantal distro.

IIRC, the problem with experimental is that the repositories are not 
necessarily synchronised or fully referenced.

"The experimental distribution is a special distribution. It is not a full 
distribution in the same sense as `stable' and `unstable' are. Instead, it is 
meant to be a temporary staging area for highly experimental software where 
there's a good chance that the software could break your system, or software 
that's just too unstable even for the unstable distribution (but there is a 
reason to package it nevertheless). Users who download and install packages 
from experimental are expected to have been duly warned. In short, all bets 
are off for the experimental distribution."

Developers can upload packages to experimental that break other packages or 
that depend on libraries that are not already packaged in any way.

"For instance, an experimental compressed file system should probably go into 

"New software which isn't likely to damage your system can go directly into 

I'd recommend unstable - most usable packages are first uploaded to unstable. 
I generally find that it's only one step behind CVS. You do get a complete 
system, apt is sensible and usable and despite it's name, unstable is 
extremely usable. I haven't had any crashes - all I sometimes get is that 
apt-get upgrade may fail and leave you without X or similar. That hasn't 
happened now for some months. It's usually only a case of repeating the 
update/upgrade and maybe using apt-get -f install.


Neil Williams

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