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Re: [LUG] Debianised my desktop (at last)


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Robin Cornelius wrote:

I'm currenly on testing but i am considering experimental. what do you lot 

Sarge (testing) everywhere now. I use to run sid, but got fed up with it
breaking at "just the wrong time", i.e. whenever you wanted to try
something new and different, you'd have to run update/upgrade, and
something totally unrelated would throw a spanner in the works. But then
my whole reason for running GNU/Linux is to avoid the kind of pain like
this that certain proprietary operating system causes.

Experimental is really just a staging post for new packages, life there
would be unbearably painful.

Note: I actually now run "sarge" by specifying "sarge" in the
apt-sources, not "testing", as presumably at some magic moment in the
near future all that will change.

I also ran "testing" on Internet facing servers before "sarge" got
security. If you look at the timescales in patching it is still
(usually) well ahead of most proprietary operating systems in terms of
time to patch. Where it is slower to patch this is usually down to
complexities of dependencies, when slower patching is probably
desirable. I suspect patching is overrated as a security measure anyway.
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