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Re: [LUG] Problems with APT...


On Saturday 14 May 2005 6:14 pm, Grant Sewell wrote:
I was just wondering if others were experiencing similar problems since I
thought it was a bit of a small probability that 2 x86 Sid machines, 1 x86
Testing and 1 PPC Stable machines would all fall foul of similar connection
issues... especially when 1 of the Sid machines (the Laptop) presented with
the same problems at two different locations using different ADSL

I still suspect a timing issue.

What times are you trying to run it now? Evenings are always the worst -
maybe you'll get decent results running it during the working day -
before the schoolkids get home.

Usually sometime betweeb 6:30pm and 11:30pm,

i.e. when just about everyone else in the UK, most of Europe and some of the 
earlier US users are online. Hmm.

What about changing your apt config to use FTP instead of HTTP? Maybe
there's some cache or proxy messing up the results at the ISP?

I tend to use ftp.uk.debian.org, but I have tried ftp.fr.debian.org too.

No, changing the method, not the mirror. I don't believe this is an issue with 
the mirror as I use the same one, just at different times. (03:40am usually).

Can you suggest a good alternative 

As I say, I am having zero problems with the same mirror. Either use the same 
mirror at a quieter time or use a mirror that is quieter at the time you 


Neil Williams

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