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[LUG] Java servlets



Along similar lines to Aaron's last mail, i've just started working on
some servlets. In order to do some kind of local setup prior to testing
them on the remote box, i just installed tomcat into my apache setup and
it seems to work just fine (well, so far anyhow).

I would like to be able to open up some arbritray port number on my router
and set it to use that port so that the project manager can get in to see
what's being done, but, as per usual i'm concerned about the security of

Is this safe enough to do, or should i not even think about it? I've no
idea what ways there are, if any to exploit a tomcat server should it be
found by someone out there.

Perhaps i can find out if he has a static IP and only let HIM in to it,
that would be better if my router can do that!


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