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Re: [LUG] Re: Meeting

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David Johnson wrote:
> So how did the meeting go?

I'd like some feedback as well.

Everything planned happened (except there wasn't much interest in the
key signing... we were a little short on regulars!).

Alan gave a 50 minute talk on the Met Office move, I found it
fascinating although necessarily fairly superficial, moving the Met
Office IT is clearly not a one hour kind of project.

Afterwards I got several compliments on Alan's talk. Seems we had a
contingent of people learning about IT neworking at St Loyes' College
for whom it struck all the right notes.

Mark went through a little of the networking at St Peters', which he
clearly has closely monitored using Netsaint. I've seen many companies
with more money and IT systems with less monitoring.

Rick and Neil S. must have got lost, or gone to the music concert first,
as they managed to turn up long after the people (me, and the students
taking tickets for said music concert) giving directions to the
classroom had gone.

About 20 people in all I think, I didn't count, a few arrived late
(maybe 7:00 is too early?), about half were professionally involved in
Education, and some of those were very much the kind of people my talk
was aimed at. I think all but one had some exposure already to Linux,
mainly server side by the sounds of it.

The only bits that went wrong were in my demo of the Educational
Software CD from Freeduc - I forgot to plug my Internet connection in
(after hassling Mark for it), failed to get one of the maths programs to
differentiate, and killed my toolbar whilst demonstrating "Destroy
Windows" (aka GUI to xkill, Destroy Window clearly worked okay). But as
demo's go, it was went better than the one I gave to Sainsbury's top IT
staff when my network card failed!

Neil W, managed to organise and run a raffle, raising 20 GBP. So
accounts are;

Raffle 1: +67.00
Raffle 2: +20.00
Owing to school: -30.00

Nominal Balance: +57.00 (Actual balance 87.00 held by me for the group)

Mark, can you make sure I know who to send the cheque to, or they have
my (personal) details for invoicing, please?

All 10 of the Freeduc CD's went, so even if my demo was flawed in
places, the product quality shone through.

We overran a little, despite me stamping on a couple of interesting
discussions (sorry guys) to try and get things wrapped up at St Peters'
by 9.

At a net cost of 10 GBP to DCLUG, I think it was a good evening.

Thanks to Mark Evans for his help in organising, to Alan for his speech,
and Neil for his help.

I still think a regular venue, and regular meetings would help.

People were a little rowdy when David Bowles was trying to speak,
probably my fault for not shutting them all up, sorry David.


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