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Re: [LUG] Unix file system folder limits

Hi Robert

We are 80% thropugh writing a complete document / image management system which would allow indexing for fast searches on the documents. No problems with 1 million records we recently tested a system with 42 million records with sub second searches.

We are a commercial software house so licence fees apply but we would be prepared to put an attractive proposition together for a reference site.

We have been in the business for over 30 years woprking on similar systems so we know what we are doing.

We are based Barnstaple side of Dulverton

If you are interested give me a ring (01398 323146) to look at the software or visit our web site ylem.com

Bill Wilson

M. D.

Robert Nowik wrote:
Cheers guys for your response.
Unfortunatly, I need static pages for search engine optimisation (my boss is
adament that the site needs to be static). The site is built everynight from
a postgres database. We are aniticpating having around 1million on the site
(listed in the format 034525.html). I would prefer to keep the files in one
folder but it is looking like I will have to find a method of splitting them
into subdirectories. Is there a limit of sub directories that you can have
in a directory? Is there a limit to the depth of folders you can have in the
unix file system?


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Quoting Robert Nowik:

I am working on a large website that potentially will have a lot of
html files. I need to know if folders in Unix have a limit on the number
files / subfolders that they contain. (I know Windows FAT32 has a
limited of
around 32000 files per folder). I am anticipated having folders with up
1million files in. (I am probably going to run the site on a dedicated
Googling for ext2 "number of files in a directory" limit, brings up:


Which is a very good point. There may not be any specified limits but
this sort
of is a very horrible thing to do to a poor server.  Apart from the sheer
impracticalites of maintaining a site like this, doing an ls in that
is going to wallop the server round the head.

I'm not the world's biggest fan of databases, and have on a couple of
had long discuissions about why I belive they're overkill in certain
applications, but this is screaming out for a database and some php.


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