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[LUG] pop3 mail

>From: "Paul Sutton" <lonehacker at hotmail.com>

Hi, I would be grateful if you could please help me with the following.

My New Motherboard died the other day, And as this was also my 
win98/Internet box I am currently unable to use the internet,  I have been 
trying to configure my Mandrake 7.1 box to at least down load e-mail but I 
seem to be having some problems.

If I load up kmail and click

file settings,  then the identity tab and enter the following details

Name: Paul Sutton
Org:  Home User
e-mail paul at psutton16.fsnet.co.uk
reply to: as above

Clicking on the network tab I enter the following

I am using SMTP so I check this radio button then enter smtp.freeserve.net 
and the port as 25.  (25 seems to be default and I don't seem to have 
anything about smtp ports in my freeserve documentation.

Under pop I enter


Under the incomming mail/accounts part i click modify and check the 

Name: Paul Sutton
login: psutton16.fsnet.co.uk
passsword: password (well my real password anyway)
host: this seems to be pop.freeserve.net (is this ok)
port: 110 (again not sure if this is right)

Once done I click ok then goto file and click check mail in - paul sutton 
and get the following error

Account paul sutton in open.  The server was not found.

I am not sure what is wrong here.


Should I belong to a pop users group.

I know that I dial in correctly because a)

I get the dialog box with my ip address and the freeserve address and how 
long i have been on line for. This seems ok.  however I am hoping that the 
problem is something really simple as I really could do with having acess to 
my pop3 mail again as I am unsure when i can get my other computer back.

In the meantime I am using Linux 100% of the time at home and seem to be 
getting on ok,  it's a bit slow but I need to recompile my kernel and remove 
some of the start up services (USB has already gone as I don't have it and 
it fails anyway) but do I need httpd to start up?

My current spec is

P166 with 64 mb ram and linux installed on a 3.5 gb harddisk and also using 
a 2.5 gb harddisk.  56k modem(works) and a banshee graphics card.

Thank you for any help.


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