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[LUG] need printing advice

I am using red hat 6.1 and seem to be having problems printing, under
version 6 during text based installation I got an option to configure a printer during set up, this worked fine, I don't seem to have the same option under text or graphical install under version 6.1.
If I go to control-panel and goto printers ( I think this runs print tool) it does not auto detect my printer which is connected to lp0. Also if I click on the printer icon on the desktop I get "warning no daemon present" if there is a file in the print queue. I know that lpd is running because it starts at boot up and I get OK.
I tried to install mandrake (from this months PC answers in the hope of better luck) in text mode It gave me the option to configure a printer which I did. Which was great until I tried to log in an it would not even get past the login username. So as mandrake is based on redhat I decided to try and install red hat with text install and I still seem to be having problems.
Also can someone suggest partition sizes I have a 2500Mb harddisk
So far I have determined that I can have
I usually have between 50 and 100mb for /home
I am not sure how big / and /root should be, I generally have a large /usr
partition as this is where most programs are stored.

Lynx friendly