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[LUG] Flyer/runlevels

I have given the flyer to Paignton library and they should let me know if
they will put it up sometime next week.

In the meantime I am trying to compile a list of runlevels for the various
distributions a kind of 'one stop shop' if you like so one can look up for
their particular distribution or for just general reference. So far I have
slackware, suse and Redhat, and would be grateful for help/contributions, If
you send anything then I will give credit by putting names and e-mails of
contributors next to the part they sent. Thanks in advanced.


Click the Linux Hints button and my page will give you an idea of what I am
looking to do, there is some other stuff on the page.

> Paul said:
> > I would like to put a flyer in Paignton library let other users know
> > about the group.
> Yeah cool, gopher it - Since this LUf has been set up for about a month,
> theres only 6 members.  Be a pioner of the D&C LUG - Promote :)

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