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[LUG] Intro

Since everyone is putting a little introduction in, I think it is time to
put mine in.

I'm Pete, also known as Bramley, and I'm doing a 4 year Sandwich course at
Plymouth University.  Currently I'm nowhere near Plymouth as I'm on a one
year placement at Pfizer in Kent.

I only starting looking at Redhat Linux just under 2 years ago, especially
when I joined Termisoc.  I haven't look at other distributions such as
SuSE, or Debian, mainly due to lack of hard disc space, and other nameless
operationless systems taking up lots of space.  I first briefly played
with Redhat 4.2, then 5.0, and then 5.2 more seriously.  I eventually took
the plunge and put 6.0 on my system which seem to practically nuke my
system - mainly on the sound card and the CD writer.

I am more of a Windoze developer, but with Borland looking at porting
Delphi and C++ Builder to Linux, I shall be one of the first to get hold
of a copy when it comes out - watch this space and I will let you know
what it is like.

I have been seriously impressed with the level of support and power
associated with Linux.  There seems to be almost nothing you can't
get.  The other day, I decided to play around with MP3 streaming.  Within
about an hour I had got it working very well, and my PC was not
complaining at all.  Try that on NT and watch it complain!

Peter Hatton
E-mail:  bramley at termisoc.org
Webpage: http://www.termisoc.org/~bramley
PGP Fingerprint: 1558 65D7 C77E 5DB3 CD8E 70CF 56DF 2DBC 40DB 06EC
Mail fortune:-
If you wish to succeed, consult three old people.

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