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Re: [LUG] FLOSS accounting software.


On 30/09/2022 18:09, Robin Cornelius wrote:
Main reason was that HMRC required all VAT stuff to be submitted by either MS Excel 
and / or Adobe forms.
This lack of suitable free bookkeeping stuff meant I had to advise
them to keep a separate MS Windows machine just for accounts and HMRC and VAT stuff.

Usually they used Quickbooks, and exported all reports and ledgers to
MS Excel , whence it could be put into  LibreOffice.org; and transferred to their 
Linux systems for record purpose, mostly, as long as there were no macros inside the 
MS Excel sheets.
Quick books although not free is Browser based these days so operating system 
It’s also got a decent openAPI specification if you fancy integrating anything or 
automating at all.

Quickbooks was only a MS Windows installed product at that time (1995 - 2010) .
Browser based software is a much later version.
All accountancy software was then licenced for use on one machine per licence.

However the HMRC requirement to submit VAT reports via an Adobe form was also a significant problem and  has remained so as I know of no FLOSS or paid software on Linux that will open and create
and fill in Adobe forms with entry boxes and signatures.

Adobe and Linux are worlds apart.

Note not submitting the Adobe form filled in was a criminal offence under VAT regulations,
as it constituted a refusal to submit timely VAT returns.
This was worse than the bookkeeping problem.

Eion MacDonald

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