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Re: [LUG] FLOSS accounting software.


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Dear folk,
Re: [LUG] FLOSS accounting software.

I found that when I was advising folk in my former paid employment when they set up wee consultancy businesses on going 'freelance'.

They could cover all their requirement for engineering businesses by FLOSS software, using Linux distro of their choice EXCEPT
get a sensible accounting package as "free".

Main reason was that HMRC required all VAT stuff to be submitted by either MS Excel and / or Adobe forms.
This lack of suitable free bookkeeping stuff meant I had to advise
them to keep a separate MS Windows machine just for accounts and HMRC and VAT stuff.

Usually they used Quickbooks, and exported all reports and ledgers to
MS Excel , whence it could be put into LibreOffice.org; and transferred to their Linux systems for record purpose, mostly, as long as there were no macros inside the MS Excel sheets.

PAID for Linux accounts could be obtained for French accounting laws &
USA accounting laws, but for UK laws and reports it was a trouble.

It (bookkeeping & reporting)is one big lack to set up Linux systems for wee businesses.

Your message triggered a lot of hard memories.

Kindest regards
Eion MacDonald

On 30/09/2022 15:22, Tom via list wrote:
I've been using GnuCash for 12 years or so but it has certain limitations like not being able to top and tail a years accounts from the master file to the years accts. With the requirement to present acct 1/4rly coming up I was wondering if people have got tips, or can recommend FLOSS software that is preparing for this and is a bit more scriptable that my relatively computer immune partner can enjoy too?

Tom te tom te tom

Eion MacDonald

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