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Re: [LUG] Wife's computer


On 09/02/2020 12:00, Neil wrote:
On 08/02/2020 16:12, mr meowski wrote:

It will partly work but you'll run into a whole bunch of problems you
weren't expecting, which is exactly what these instructions take care
of! Bear in mind this is exactly the sort of thing I'm paid to do all
day every day so I didn't pull this methodology out of my ass, this is
"The Linux Way" of doing things. You're obviously using Linux and are
going to spend far more time wondering why things aren't working
properly and trying and failing to fix them afterwards if you just
blindly start dumping random files manually back and forth on USB. Your
call my friend ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Well, lots of information and help there. My first reaction was to run for the hills. However, that will not help so ....

I have a desktop computer. Wife and daughter each have laptops. All three are set up with MX 19.

I treat all three machines as quite separate and independent. Every year MX Linux has a new version ready. This requires a full installation, not an upgrade. So I take each computer separately, copy the necessary files and folders (eg documents, pictures, profiles) from the current version on to an external HD. Then, on each machine, I run the new installation, copy over the above folders and files, install any extra programs that aren't automatically included with the install and away we go. Never had any problems with that.

I can see that in this case each machine is treated as a single, stand alone, computer. This  time I am talking about adding a second user. Perhaps this will make a difference.

Meanwhile, I will do some research into SSH, since I have no knowledge about it at the moment. But, are you really saying that, because this time it will be a second user on to the laptop, that I could have problems, whereas, previously, on each machine with just the one user it was all fine?

More research,


Hi Neil,

Do you not install /home to a separate partition? That would preserve all user files and program settings whilst allowing you to do a full reinstall. The only difference when you install is that you choose 'Something else' when it asks you where to install the OS, select the partition you installed Linux on, '/' for the mount point and check to Format it; then the already existing partition with /home installed, '/home' as the mount point, but do /NOT/ Format it.

When the machine is booted with the new installation the boot process will seamlessly pick up the user settings from /home as usual.

Kind regards,


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