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Re: [LUG] Wife's computer


On 07/02/2020 22:01, mr meowski wrote:
On 07/02/2020 12:47, Neil wrote:
I have already mentioned that my wife's laptop is playing up. It is
coming up to 7 years old and has a spinning HD.

I have my own laptop as a spare, which has an SSD and is working well.
So I am considering setting her up as a second user on that computer
while I decide what to do.

I have not set up a second user for a long time, and I mean more than 15
years, so I am a bit out of practice.

I would set her up with her own password, and obviously copy over any
files as necessary, including profiles. I would also like her to have
root available, mainly for updates.

This is luckily for you a trivial operation. I'm presuming:

1: that both laptops run the same MX Linux distro
2: both have a "neil" account with sudo access
3: both have sshd running
4: your wife's home folder isn't huge

Answers. 1. Yes, both have MX 19
         2. My user name on my lap is       neilwin. My wife's user name is pam

3. Don't use SSH (shock, horror)
4  Very few files.

You have given me a lot of help and instructions for this. However, what I plan is to copy some of her folders on to an external HD. Mainly documents and pictures. I will also copy any profiles, in hidden files.

Then, once I have set her up as a second user, I will copy the contents of these folders over. Email is not a problem as we use IMAP on my own web site.

I hope that will work,


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