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Re: [LUG] Old Laptop FLASH ?


On Sat, 8 Feb 2020 11:49:15 +0000
Eion MacDonald <maceion@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello Eion,

>FLASH?, hardware accelerated video ?

Yeah, I know.  Even now.   :-)

>PS How does is "the lack of hardware accelerated video playback"  effect

Not an issue I've noticed (I have an nVidia GFX card which does quite
nicely thank you).  I believe that video 'stuttering' and audio/video
getting out of sync are to be expected, esp. on older (read: slower)

>I use Firefox as main browser and both on "YouTube" and on LBRY I do not
>notice things apart from delay to download files (formerly watched on

Thankfully, we have a pretty fast 'net connection so buffers fill quite
quickly, meaning little in the way of delays.  Of course, that's subject
to the usual youtube load/DoS caveats.

I'd not heard of LBRY, but certainly looks worth trying out.

Aside, rhetorical:  why do most people seem to go to google (yt is
theirs, of course) for *everything*?

 Regards  _
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