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Re: [LUG] [OT] Colour Laser Printer + Scanner Suggestions


On 23/06/19 17:16, mr meowski wrote:
> Not really [OT] because it has to work with Linux and unless you've 
> somehow managed to truly go paperless (you lucky lucky person) all of us 
> have to face this miserable question at some point...
> I buy a lot of kit but this isn't my area - I find myself needing a 
> simple, boring and preferably not crazy expensive or physically imposing 
> all-in-one colour laser printer and scanning blob. I suppose it will 
> need wifi and/or ethernet and no stupid DRM crap as a matter of principle.
> Anyone got any direct recommendations to save me several boring hours of 
> reading fake Amazon reviews followed by randomly clicking on something? 
> Anything other than another £40 'bargain' all-in-one inkjet/scanner 
> piece of crap which will end up in the bin after 6 months.
> Ta
I'm using an HP block which I bought on their cashback offers. Depending on
your budget you could go up or down in price, but I paid £130 - silly money
since it also does duplex. Ethernet and wifi built-in, but you might need
the hplip-firmware package on top of the standard hplip. Works a treat, I
can do network scanning with xsane no problem.

HP Colour LaserJet Pro MFP281


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