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[LUG] [OT] Colour Laser Printer + Scanner Suggestions


Not really [OT] because it has to work with Linux and unless you've 
somehow managed to truly go paperless (you lucky lucky person) all of us 
have to face this miserable question at some point...

I buy a lot of kit but this isn't my area - I find myself needing a 
simple, boring and preferably not crazy expensive or physically imposing 
all-in-one colour laser printer and scanning blob. I suppose it will 
need wifi and/or ethernet and no stupid DRM crap as a matter of principle.

Anyone got any direct recommendations to save me several boring hours of 
reading fake Amazon reviews followed by randomly clicking on something? 
Anything other than another £40 'bargain' all-in-one inkjet/scanner 
piece of crap which will end up in the bin after 6 months.

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