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Re: [LUG] Text Editor


On 19/06/19 08:04, Grant Phillips-Sewell wrote:

If you liked the old gedit then you'd probably like "pluma". It's the text editor in the Mate desktop, which was forked from Gnome2, and pluma is therefore a fork of the old gedit.

It looks like MX Linux includes mate in their repositories, so you might be able to just install it.

As with installing a KDE app it will need to pull in some dependencies. I couldn't tell you how many.

Grant. :)

Many thanks for that. I searched and indeed pluma is included in my MX repositories. So it was easy to install and it looks to be just what I was looking for. It does look very much like gedit used to, before it was "upgraded and improved". Unlike kate it did not need any new dependencies. In fact just three files were installed.

sigh of relief,


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