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Re: [LUG] Debian 9 reinstall. UEFI stuckness


On 29/07/17 02:01, Adrian Midgley wrote:
> I may have written too soon.
> Just crashed, rebooted to gUi and crashed again and then wouldn't boot
> from hard drive. 
> Boots on rescue from Debian install cd and mounts the system drive.
> Recurrent memory damage?
> Main board?
> PSU??
> Somewhere else to look first?
> I think it moves toward new box!

Whilst this does certainly give you an excellent reason to start looking
covetously at new Threadripper systems there's no immediate reason why
you should start thinking your current hardware is ruined quite yet...
Could it not just be a borked install with a bad kernel module or a
flaky Nvidia driver, etc, that is crashing out your system?

If you have a spare hard drive pop that in as well and try installing
something completely different on it first (perhaps even Windows). See
if your system runs fine then under load, which would point towards your
Debian install as faulty. What do the syslogs and dmesg from the
previous boots and crashes on Debian have to say? Why specifically does
it not boot from hard drive any more - bootloader failure? I'd chroot
into the Debian install, read the logs and fix it up, set default
runlevel to 3 (or these days, disable graphical.target via systemctl)
and get that booted and running again without a GUI. Then thrash it via
perf tools or something to try and goad it into a repeat crash under load.

It would also be worth getting lm_sensors running on Linux and checking
your board/CPU plus any other temperatures your UEFI will report to see
if the system is running suspiciously hot.

Triaging computer faults is a pain but computers *are* deterministic -
if you keep testing methodically bit by bit you will find the issue

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