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Re: [LUG] Debian 9 reinstall. UEFI stuckness


On 01/07/17 17:04, Adrian Midgley wrote:
> Got my 4 screens back but crashes. 
> How do I decide if this is hardware, buy a new board etc, or software?
> Adding up hours, it has run as long as it boasts it's capacitors last.
> If I buy a new board and CPU, and RAM, what is currently nice?
> I don't need the razor sharp bevel of the bleeding edge, but I'd like it
> to move along with big picture files.

Well that's a tricky one to answer - presumably this is your current
machine and it was fine up until now running Debian Jessie? If all
you've done is fit a new SSD and install Stretch on it and the same
system is now crashing all over the place chances are very high it's a
software thing. Can you not just connect your old Jessie OS disk and go
back to using the same working setup as before? Then you could
experiment when you have time with the new Stretch/SSD option and wait
for it to settle down into stability. Or try out some entirely different
distributions perhaps - either way, it wouldn't inconvenience you as you
could still work.

I would recommend running a long memtest on it though - 12-24 hours over
the weekend perhaps. Perhaps a full soak test, hardware can/does go bad
after all.

Otherwise you're spoilt for choice - AMD Ryzen and the latest Intel
generations have just been released to manufacturing and both have some
compelling features. You've also got DDR4, NVME storage and even Optane
memory as high end options these days...

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