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Re: [LUG] Synology NFS Shared Folder Inaccessible But Does Mount.


On 18/07/17 15:03, Julian Hall wrote:
> Hi All,
> A bit of an oddball one - well it's me you're probably used to that by
> now. After replacing the failed HDD in my Synology DS212j I decided to
> split my files among Graphics, Video and General. That has worked up to
> a point. The configuration is:
> Cerce - Main PC - Fixed IP
> Zeus - NAS - Fixed IP with three Shared Folders:
> HERA: General Files
> DIANA: Graphics Files
> PERSEPHONE: Video Files
> First of all I was able to access them by browsing the network, and
> entering the UID and PWD to access them. That's how I transferred all
> the files to them. However long term that's a pain in the bum so I want
> them to auto mount on boot. Initially none of them would mount at all using
> sudo mount -t nfs /media/julian/HERA
> for example, so I had a poke around and found Synology's guide for
> getting NFS Shared Folders to work. All three now have NFS Permissions
> to allow Read/Write access. I tried first of all in a
> terminal before adding them to the fstab - and potentially rendering the
> system unbootable if it hung trying to load them. This is where it gets
> odd. Diana and Persephone mount perfectly well with the above sudo
> command and can be browsed as normal. Hera however mounts with no error
> but refuses any attempt to browse it. There is no error message, simply
> nothing happens.
> Then I added Diana and Persephone to the fstab and rebooted. Both
> function perfectly, however as Hera has my main files on I need that to
> mount properly too. Any ideas please?
> Kind regards,
> Julian

Permissions issue?

What does dmesg say after mounting the HERA share, and do 'mount' and
'df -klh' show the expected outputs? Can you 'sudo ls -alh
/media/julian/HERA' and see your files?

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