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Re: [LUG] Adverts


On 20/01/17 00:27, mr meowski wrote:

I won't comment on the adverts thing except to say that predictably, I
hate them with a vengeance and block them unilaterally, but a couple of
other things intrigued me, so:

Google Analytics is a powerful thing. Getting hard stats on pretty much
aspect of your web-facing presence is trivial these days. More
importantly, do you believe their claim, or even care? If so, why?

I have never used Google Analytics so don't know anything about it.

Disabling UEFI I would never have imagined being a blocking issue for
you... making linux install/play nice with full UEFI/secure boot support
is still borderline rocket science at this point. I would have presumed
you'd be in exactly the opposite camp - demanding a system that UEFI
could definitely be switched into legacy mode (effectively emulating the
old school BIOS mode and allowing USB boot, MBR disks and easy linux
installs). Am I missing something or do you have this entirely the wrong
way around?


The only thing I have ever done with UEFI is make sure that secure boot was off. I have heard of legacy mode but just ignored it. So a request to turn it on is also ignored.

I use Xubuntu as my main distro and it just installs without any problems, so I just leave UEFI alone. Perhaps that is not a good idea?


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