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[LUG] Adverts


I hate adverts. Let me be more accurate, I hate having adverts thrown at me when I am concentrating on something else. On TV for instance when the ads appear I turn off the sound. I do understand that ads can be useful when I am looking for something in particular. It is just having them thrust at a time when I am not in that 'search mode' that annoys me so much.

I have a laptop computer as a spare, my main one being a desk top. I have seen a few comments recently about Linux Lite as a distro worth a look. So I thought that I would give it a once over.

However, when I opened its main web site I was greeted with the information that I am running an ad blocker. Correct. If I want to look at the site I must disable it. No chance. They claim that they are "currently losing 42% of our income due to Ad Blockers". That seems a very accurate percentage. How can they be so sure?

I also found via another site that to install Lite I need to have legacy mode switched on in UEFI. Again, no chance. So goodbye Linux Lite.

I have come across this request to turn off any ad blockers before, but never on the main web site of a Linux distro. What a pain.

Comments anyone?


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