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Re: [LUG] Recommendations for low power proxy/NAS box


On 05/01/17 08:33, Tom via list wrote:
On 04/01/17 16:45, Gordon Henderson via list wrote:
On Wed, 4 Jan 2017, Tom via list wrote:

On 04/01/17 14:02, Gordon Henderson via list wrote:
On Wed, 4 Jan 2017, Tom via list wrote:

I was hoping for well under Â100 - I'm using a pi -zero at the moment and while it runs pretty well IO is getting to be a concern. I'd love a Pi3 with decent IO but that seems to cost Â100 more for no reason!

I don't understand why you think a Pi v3 is Â100 more than a Zero. It's precisely Â20 more where I buy them from. The Pi 3 has on-board Wi-Fi, however it's limited to 40Mb/sec.

The USB IO speed is identical to that on the Pi Zero. The CPU clock is much quicker, asd is the RAM speed, so that will help a little.

Personally I'd not use a Pi as a home server for many reasons, other than for academic purposes. ie. it'll work, but ...

I use Intel Atom systems. They're under 15W + disk power now and performance is more than adequate. If you want something ready made, look for the HP Microervers - there are often Â100 cashback deals on them and they have a good spec.


Its the Pi3 *with decent IO * that is Â100 more. I've tried one of my Pi3s and it isnt much faster than the zero on the same job.

Sorry - I'm not aware of a Pi 3 with decent IO. The Pi v3 hasn't changed snce it came out almost a year ago.

However I'm currently out of the country, so might have missed omething in the past few days - got a link?


I was trying to point out that the equivalent of a pi3 with decent io is 4 or 5 times the price. If someone takes the Pi3 (its open hardware) and sticks decent IO on it (assuming its possible - the camera port is a lot faster than the USB/Ethernet jobbie) then theres a killer 'PC' for around Â50!

Tom te tom te tom

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the Broadcom chipset didn't have any high-bandwidth IO silicon in it (they're only set-top-box SoC's iirc) .. otherwise they would probably have used them on the Pi from day 1 ...

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