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Re: [LUG] Recommendations for low power proxy/NAS box


On 04/01/17 11:00, Tom via list wrote:
> Looking for something I can stick some USB drives into and do backups
> to. I'd probably like to use it for repository proxy as well.
> Seemed to have lost the ability to google these things!
> Tom te tom te tom
USB3 I'm assuming, rather than SATA? What budget are you looking at?
Because for the money, the HP MicroServer's do take a bit of beating for
an x86_64 platform, and there are few ARM processors with USB3
backplanes as yet.

Otherwise, if you really don't care for bandwidth - there's an R-PI ;)

PS. North Devon folks .. we got a meeting this month? Sorry I couldn't
make it to last - work drama :(

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