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Re: [LUG] What laptop do I need next...


On 27/08/16 11:26, Tom wrote:
A friend is bugging me about what machine to get next. How long is a piece of string?

Then I thought - he has a piece of string already so can we measure it to find out what he does so what he will need. So is there a long term logging app that can give an indication of memory use and cpu use to get a rough idea of whether he needs more ram and or more cpu etc etc?

Any one used anything like this 'successfully'?

Tom te tom te tom

For my customers, I usually work backwards from their budget and spec up a machine to fit. Highest possible CPU and 8Gb RAM. Check whether they're doing graphic work (Photoshop etc.) or just surfing/documents but just get something with Intel HD graphics.

Lenovo (B50 for laptops) have been working for me (customers) for a good few months now but I always keep an eye on what new kit comes out. Avoid PC World & Currys, ignore Acer completely, treat Asus favourably but watch the build quality (some their cheapest kit is shockingly bendy). Don't get conned into software bundles and extra support contracts.

Remind them that laptops are pain to fix and can't be upgraded so a desktop may suit them better.


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