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Re: [LUG] Bristol Mini Maker Faire


On 23/08/16 23:27, Gordon Henderson wrote:
On Tue, 23 Aug 2016, Paul Sutton wrote:

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If anyone goes to this can then perhaps suggest that we need something
like this down here in Devon, Say Torbay, Exeter or Plymouth please.

It won't work. It'll never work - and lets face it we/you have been
trying for years now.

We do have Makerspaces - Exeter Library and (I think its going/still
going) Totnes school, but Devon is just too big and people won't travel.
It's as simple as that.


Indeed, Devon is too big. In fact it is the third largest by area, in the country. (Yorkshire no 1 and Lincolnshire second.)

Added to that it is sparsely populated. The population of the whole of Devon is smaller than that of Birmingham.

And, more than half of the Devon households are one person.

So you are right, people just won't, or can't travel. Very different from the Bristol area.


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