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Re: [LUG] Bristol Mini Maker Faire


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For the tech jam we are in discussion with rebelmakers / rebel labs


They are keen to do something with us at the tech jam,  so they would
work with the tech jam (we can keep that name) and run their sessions
along side.

I am waiting to get in touch with the new library services volunteer
co-ordinator as I need to clear this with the library but as
rebelmaker s / labs WANT to do something,  so even if the library idea
falls through we can perhaps find someone for them to work with.

As with anything any regulated activity volunteers will need to
undergo the usual safeguarding checks DBS,

I think between us we are already doing quite a lot of these sort of
groups,  if we can just work together and co-ordinate then we can get
more opportunities .

I would STRONGLY advice , do NOT do this alone, you need a team of
people from the start,  to spread the workload if nothing else.


On 24/08/16 10:02, Tom wrote:
> On 23/08/16 22:32, Katie Dumont wrote:
>> It's a bit of a trek for most, but thought there might be some 
>> interest here for the Bristol Mini Maker Faire.
>> We are going up, however we were members of Bristol Hacksapce
>> before moving back down so will also be having a catchup with
>> everyone and then continuing on to visit the inlaws.
>> Previous years have been great fun.
>> https://bristolmakerfaire.com/
>> Katie
> https://transitionstagnes.wordpress.com/makerspace/ is in St Agnes
> The trouble with these things is getting there.
> The school in Holsworthy has a fairly well equipped space but I
> dont fancy negotiating to use it. I wonder if a mobile version of
> one of these would be feasible - though I thing most things would
> be too heavy or fragile.
> Tom te tom te tom

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