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Re: [LUG] sister having problems getting fast broadband in newton abbot


On Sat, 9 Apr 2016, Sarah Croft wrote:


Thank you, I move to BT internet on Monday hopefully that will be batter
than talktalk if not I will be making a complaint to them like I did to
talktalk.  What do think is OK speed, I am told my line Min OS 0.5 and Max
4  at what point do you think I should be writing a complaint?

If they've given speeds that slow then, well, basically you're shafted. No point complaining as it's not going to get any better not matter what ISP or telco you use. You really are at the bum-end of 4 miles of 40 year old wet corroded copper there. (By todays standards, anyway).

Everyone has a minimum of 0.5Mb/sec these days - if it's any lower they won't do the install, so you might as well ignore it. Max. 4Mb/sec means they can make it work at 0.5Mb/sec and you have no right to complain.


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