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[LUG] Synology NAS, mount with nfs


Spent a quiet day yesterday working out how to automount my synology NAS 
and am intending to use that as family backup and my own cloud storage (via 
VPN) - so I can access / store certain files

It supports NAS and nfs4

I can ssh in and it has rsync. So I can backup using rsync. I also have 
terminal access. 

My problem is that I cannot automount using nfs, because I think my UID on 
my laptop is 1000 while on synlogy it is 1028

Question Is there a recommended safe solution.  If I google this problem
    eg https://www.google.co.uk/#q=synology+change+uid then this seems 
    fairly common

    If I look at solving it then there seems to be three solutions

    a.  Change the UID on my laptop
    b.  Change the export file on the server eg
    c.  Reset the nfs server settings on synlogy eg 

Any help greatfully received

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Sun 10 Apr 08:49:21 BST 2016

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