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On 04/05/19 15:32, Tom via list wrote:
> Anyone got any experience in DICOM - got a disk of my daughters MRI scan
> and unable to get anything to read it - I believe it may be password
> protected but everything I've tried on linux just doesnt even ask for a PW.

What kind of files are on the disk?

OFFIS make a variety of DICOM tools [0].  One which might be of use is
"dsr2html" [1] if the files are one or more Structured Reports (which it
is possible they are).  You can get these tools with something like "apt
install dcmtk".

[0]: https://dicom.offis.de/dcmtk.php.en
[1]: https://support.dcmtk.org/docs/dsr2html.html

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