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Re: [LUG] Native Linux Data Recovery


On 08/03/17 15:24, Trevorexwick.com via list wrote:
> So let's now image someone, obviously a friend, has deleted his /lib folder with 
> an advised *. Would systemrescuecd be the best way to get that back?
> Thanks
> Trevor
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Trevor@xxxxxxxxxx

That's gonna be no picnic if you manually restore every file (assuming
their file-system entries haven't already been overwritten).

My best suggestion would be to back-up all your important files (ie.
/home) and make a list of installed packages/applications and re-install.

If it was Gentoo, I'd say you can "emerge --empty-tree" which would
simply in-place reinstall everything, but somehow I doubt that's the
case, alas .. :)

Best regards, and good luck!


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