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Re: [LUG] Skype Beta


On 07/03/2017 01:21, mr meowski via list wrote:
> For now this remains pretty strongly on my "things I don't care about"
> list but I'll have to pay at least some attention I guess. As in Ian's
> reply, the ability to join conference/group chats is the killer feature
> that's still missing (outside of the bog standard 'video-call your mate
> in a country that is expensive to actually phone' functionality, which
> does actually work. Mostly).

I have had extensive use of ""  "" Skype ""  "" in work situations for a
multinational with sites in about 30 countries including PRC , Japan,
S.Korea, ROC, Singapore, EU , USA etc.
All on various Windows platforms (mostly Windows 7, but XP in PRC)
However, and it is a BIG problem,  "Skype  for Business"  does not talk
to "consumer Skype" sets on private Windows boxes. So no communication
to anyone unless they are on "Skype for Business" which is a paid affair.
My private MS Boxes with "Consumer Skype" could not talk to "Skype for
It is possible to set up "Skype for Business" to communicate with normal
"consumer Skype" sets, but in opinion of company's IT folk this opens
ports to attach on company sets. So after much 'wishing to do this';
they only use "Skype for Business" (with monetisation to MS and hefty
annual rent) within the company VPN (external to offices) or on LAN
within offices.

However they cam 'talk only' by Skype for Business" to my land line
phone. No video so no conference use.

I have used (against company policy) "consumer Skype" at both ends of
private computers to fellow employees in Japan and Czeckia, [ Nihon-guy
had to bring his private laptop to office to talk to me at my home (my
nighttime his day time), (I worked from home mostly)] while when we were
both in office  at the same actual time we could use full video
conferencing ability of "Skype for Business".

I have not used "Skype" (the consumer version cut down) in Linux.

MS Monetisation is done by driving companies to "Skype for Business"

Eion MacDonald

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