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Re: [LUG] Mapping sites


On 25/02/2017 10:34, Henry Bremridge via list wrote:
> I find osmand a great app for android: links to openstreetmap. 
> I also came across what3words.com which I find great down in Devon where 
> post codes are not always the most accurate.
> I search for a place on what3words, move the exact map reference to osmand 
> and store the location

I use what3words extensively, especially to direct couriers to deliver
parcels  to my back garden 'dustbin' at home to leave things. Also to
get the correct delivery point/entrance in big buildings with multiple
It gets lorries to correct delivery bay! Avoids low bridges/ tight
streets by warning them of these problems.
Also works great in Chinese for my PRC/ROC friends and others to fix
meeting points.

Eion MacDonald

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