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Re: [LUG] WiringPi - 1 Wire?


On Thu, 16 Feb 2017, James Ambrose wrote:

I see the word pi and wiring.
Any of your people have knowledge around embedded software for a cars. In car 

I built one based on a 6502 some 30 years ago... I read the analog speedo, approximated the fuel usage, checked the washer fluid level and ran the alarm.... I think it cost more than the car did ..

I want to feed my pi with the data as while I was modifying the car I had to take out the in car little box. It will need some coding I'm clear but I've been learning c for a while and thinking a project like this could boost my knowledge. (My knowledge is basic.)

There are some Pi <-> CAN interface boards now. If you can hook into the car's CAN bus then you can pull off all sorts of weird stuff. And change it. Personally, I can't be bothered anymore, but there's lots of stuff out there with people using Pi's and other systems to hook into their car.

See here, for example: http://skpang.co.uk/catalog/raspberry-pi-c-240.html

However I know nothing about them and it's not something I'm remotely interested in.

If anyone has this knowledge I would love a direct back of forth exchange.

Also as I'm soon moving to saltash meetings do you have local to there?

There's one in Plymouth and one on the 2nd Saturday in Paignton which might be an issue to get to, but there's some from Plymouth come up. Not sure what happens the other side of the river.


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