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Re: [LUG] Linux Training


> On 13 Feb 2017, at 13:21, Neil via list <list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> A while ago a friend asked me if I would be willing to teach him about Linux. I 
> said I would think about it. Since then his circumstances have changed and he has 
> moved away from the area. However, it got me thinking about this, especially as I 
> know that some of the people on the list are interested in getting more converts 
> to the cause.  So here are some of my thoughts and questions.
> The scenario is that someone has asked me to get them started on Linux, having 
> heard that it is a good system and being fed up with Windows.
> First thing, the computer. I just do not like the dual boot with Windows set up, I 
> think it can easily cause problems. So, we need an old computer which is no longer 
> required, not too old I hope, or even a new one bought especially for the purpose.
> Next comes the big question, which distro? I use Xubuntu so I know the xfce 
> desktop well. There are other recommended distros for beginners such as Peppermint 
> and Linux Lite which also use xfce. But what about others that I don't know so 
> well? Would it be fair to restrict them to a distro just because I know it well, 
> or would that simply be the sensible thing to do?
> Then, how should we start? I could  begin at the beginning with downloading the 
> iso file, getting it on to a USB stick and then installing it. Or perhaps it would 
> be better to do all that myself and to go straight to working with the new distro 
> and come back to the installation etc afterwards.
> Most Windows users know little or nothing about using a terminal screen, yet it is 
> so useful and powerful. So what would be the best way to get that across? I think 
> this would be one of the stumbling blocks to the whole scheme. Yet I feel that it 
> is a very important part of the training.
> Then the packages. Inevitably my personal likes and dislikes are going to come 
> into this. For example, the browser. I hate Chrome/Chromium. I think that Firefox 
> has become too bloated, so it is installed but rarely used. I do use one called 
> Pale Moon (what FF should have become), and also a fairly new one called Vivaldi, 
> which is my current favourite. There will be other package examples as well, no 
> doubt. Of course, if it is one I Iike then it will be one I know well and should 
> be one that I therefore teach well.
> There are other questions that came to my mind about all this, but I don't want to 
> keep on too long. However, one final thought, it would not be a good idea, or 
> fair,  to set them up and then just leave them to it. They will have problems and 
> questions, a fairly steep learning curve, so I ought to be available  to provide 
> help and further training for some time.
> I must admit that, when I heard that my friend was moving away, one reaction was 
> relief. Providing training in Linux should not be taken lightly. It is quite a 
> commitment. Or, to put it another way, a nightmare.
> Any comments would be welcomed,

Curate the necessary videos from youtube onto a website and point people there. 

if you find any gaps - make a video :) 

> Neil
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