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Re: [LUG] Post to DCGLUG for FOSDEM 2017?


On 29/01/2017 17:10, M. J. Everitt via list wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I'm personally heading down to Universite de Bruxelles in Belgium, to
> the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting aka
> FOSDEM. Paul gave me access to the DCLUG web pages, with a view to
> posting the monthly calendar events page(s). I was wondering whether
> anyone would have an objection if I wrote up a post about the FOSDEM
> conference, some of the talks available, and the talks I hope to attend.
> I am happy also to write up a summary of my experience of the event too
> - so we'd have a pre- and post-visit "report". I thought this might be
> nice for other people to read, particularly in the region, so that
> anyone who might be interested would have an idea should they wish to go
> in the future.
> Thoughts, comments, contributions welcome!
> Regards,
> Michael.

Looking forward to your posts.
Eion MacDonald

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