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[LUG] Post to DCGLUG for FOSDEM 2017?


Hi folks,

I'm personally heading down to Universite de Bruxelles in Belgium, to
the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting aka
FOSDEM. Paul gave me access to the DCLUG web pages, with a view to
posting the monthly calendar events page(s). I was wondering whether
anyone would have an objection if I wrote up a post about the FOSDEM
conference, some of the talks available, and the talks I hope to attend.
I am happy also to write up a summary of my experience of the event too
- so we'd have a pre- and post-visit "report". I thought this might be
nice for other people to read, particularly in the region, so that
anyone who might be interested would have an idea should they wish to go
in the future.
Thoughts, comments, contributions welcome!



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