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Re: [LUG] Open computing milestone at Plymouth University


On Mon, 2016-11-21 at 23:20 +0000, Andy Wills wrote:
> Sorry for the delayed reply, been a bit busy :-( There's now some
> guidance notes at:
> www.willslab.co.uk/open.html

The Linux 'eduroam' instructions are basically going to be the same as
for android. Obviously it depends on how you actually configure wifi on
your device, but you need to use PEAP, and enter your email address as
your userid. If you save these settings onto your device, then you
should be able to use 'eduroam' anywhere it is supported (globally)
without having to change them.

Do NOT use PPTP VPN. It is old, unsecure, and will soon be removed. We
are still in the process of providing an SSL VPN service.


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