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[LUG] Return to Linux


Hello folks,

I've returned to using Linux as my desktop OS after a few years away. I'm using Ubuntu mate for simplicity (minimal).

# Could you advise on a system backup solution?
I would like to be able to take a snapshot of my system and then when i inevitably break it I can quickly and easily restore it.

My system drive is currently 120GB SSD, and I have 2x 1TB HDD for backup's,
Private data is stored on another device.


I often follow guides online to find solutions to problems. quite often the guides don't fix my issue. I end up changing settings and running apt-get install a lot and my system soon fills up with a great deal of stuff that my system doesn't require and often things will break.

# How do you keep track of applications and requisites that are installed on your system via apt-get?

Is there a line of commands that can undo all of these without reverting to a system backup.


Ports 135 - 139

I've noticed that although these ports are closed, they're not stealthed.

# Should i be concerned?

Many thanks
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