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Re: [LUG] Scam phone calls - again


On 20/12/16 15:52, Rob Beard wrote:
They're probably just using VoIP which would allow them to have a local
rate number for pretty much any country.  I even had one for a while for
Oklahoma in the US so a friend of mine could call me without having to
pay for an international call.  Googling the area code suggests it's in

Not really anything clever, years ago I had a Vonage VoIP line and when
I set it up I could choose an area code from anywhere in the UK, I just
happened to choose the Torquay area code because I lived in Torquay.


Not clever at all then But it is annoying since I will no longer be able to easily spot that it is a rubbish call (by seeing International or Outside Area). So I will have to have some fun with them instead.


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