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[LUG] User Troubleshooting


Hi folks,

I'm trying to put together a troubleshooting guide for users at work, kind
of something they can answer a couple of non technical questions to aid me
in determining what they're having issues with rather than getting e-mails
from remote sites like "The internet is down" or my favourite one "My
computer doesn't work".

To be fair at work the users have a wide range of technical abilities,
some of them know the basics to do their job, others are a little bit more
technical and can maybe clear a paper jam or determine if they have got a
connection to the network.  Don't get me wrong, they're smart people and
know way more than me about their specific fields of work, just sometimes
they draw a blank if I ask them anything remotely technical.

I'm trying to educate the users to be a little bit (even if only slightly)
more specific in describing their issues (the "My computer doesn't work"
one I had today turned out to be a dialogue box coming up on Thunderbird,
the PC itself was working fine).

I'm hoping that eventually I'll get more meaningful descriptions and have
an idea if the issue is just related to the one user, an office or maybe
the entire site so I can get an idea of how urgent it is.

I wondered if anyone knew of any generic questions which can help diagnose
an issue, such as "My computer doesn't work" and getting it down to "I
can't login, it's coming up with this error message" or "The internet isn't
working" and getting it down to "it's saying there isn't a network cable
connected but it's in there" or "I can get onto Google okay but I can't
access the Intranet pages".


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